Use our Social Reward Widgets to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings and Traffic. This powerful Component + Plugins will help you get Social Votes (e.g. Facebook Like, Google +1, Tweet, LinkedIn Share etc.) to your website 100% Naturally and VIRALLY spread your PRESENCE. If you are familiar with Facebook Like Gate, this extensions is very similar but for Joomla content. We currently have support for Joomla 3.x, 2.5, 1.7, 1.6, and 1.5.x.

A Quick Demo of Social Reward Widget (Like Plugin)

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How can this Extension get you more Social Votes?
The idea is simple. You offer something valuable/exclusive to your visitors and in return they give you a Social Vote. The exclusive content is HIDDEN by the extension and to get access to that content your visitors need to CLICK the Social button (e.g. Facebook Like) displayed on top of it.

So, the Visitor gets access to some quality content and YOU get Social Votes to YOUR Website! People are always intrigued by SECRETS or something that is HIDDEN from them. It RAISES their CURIOSITY or the DESIRE to know the UNKNOWN. This is the REASON they will CLICK the Social Button to KNOW the SECRET.

AND This is HOW the Social Reward Extensions will WORK and Get you TONS of Social Votes to YOUR Website.

Your HIDDEN content can be
» Downloadable Link / Resource Link / Any Link
» Youtube Video
» Optin Form and
» Custom Content

The Content is REVEALED with cool ANIMATIONS.
» Fade Out
» Slide Up
» Slide Down
» Drop Down, Bounce Out
» Slide Up, Elastic
» Slide Right
» Slide Left
» Slide Right, Bounce Out
» Slide Left, Bounce Out
» Slide Right, Elastic Out
» Slide Left, Elastic Out
» Blackout, Bounce Down
» Turn Red, Bounce Down
» Rotate 360, Vanish (CSS3)
» Rotate Up-Side-Down, Drop Down (CSS3)

How Flexible is the Social Reward Extensions?
» 4 different type of Content types - Download Button/Link, Youtube Video, Opt-in Form and Custom Content.
» With the Custom Content type you can offer almost ANY type of Hidden Content to your visitors.
» You can create MULTIPLE instances of the plugin to use on MULTIPLE Pages. (One widget per page only)
» Get Social Votes to ANY URL of your choice.
» 15 Cool Content Revealing ANIMATIONS adding value to the QUALITY of your Website.
» You can Customize the HIDDEN Cover's Color, Transparency, Call to Action Text as well as apply Custom CSS to blend the plugin with YOUR site's theme. This allows you to PRESENT the widget more ELEGANTLY to your visitors.
» Checkout the LIVE DEMOs and Try it Yourself!

Available Social Reward Plugins

» Like Reward Plugin (Facebook Like Gate for content)

   • Like Reward (Linked Image) Live Demo
   • Like Reward (Youtube Video) Live Demo
   • Like Reward (Optin Form) Live Demo
   • Like Reward (Custom HTML) Live Demo
» Google +1 Reward Plugin (Google +1 Gate for content)

   • Google +1 Reward (Linked Image) Live Demo
   • Google +1 Reward (Youtube Video) Live Demo
   • Google +1 Reward (Optin Form) Live Demo
   • Google +1 Reward (Custom HTML) Live Demo
» Facebook Send Reward Plugin (FB Send Gate for content)

   • Send Reward (Linked Image) Live Demo
   • Send Reward (Youtube Video) Live Demo
   • Send Reward (Optin Form) Live Demo
   • Send Reward (Custom HTML) Live Demo
» Facebook Share Reward Plugin (FB Share Gate for content)

   • Share Reward (Linked Image) Live Demo
   • Share Reward (Youtube Video) Live Demo
   • Share Reward (Optin Form) Live Demo
   • Share Reward (Custom HTML) Live Demo
» Tweet Reward Plugin (Tweet Gate for content)

   • Tweet Reward (Linked Image) Live Demo
   • Tweet Reward (Youtube Video) Live Demo
   • Tweet Reward (Optin Form) Live Demo
   • Tweet Reward (Custom HTML) Live Demo
» LinkedIn Reward Plugin (LinkedIn Gate for content)

   • LinkedIn Reward (Linked Image) Live Demo
   • LinkedIn Reward (Youtube Video) Live Demo
   • LinkedIn Reward (Optin Form) Live Demo
   • LinkedIn Reward (Custom HTML) Live Demo

"More Plugins for our Social Reward Component will be added to our Joomla Marketing Club soon. Stay tuned!"